07 September, 2006

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo Map - Tagzania

Ahhh "The Monty..." The bar of bars. Red leather chairs. Waitresses wearing black uniforms with white aprons. The wall of bottles.

Final analysis - What can I say? Martinis, good food, and a classy, but casual atmosphere - The Monte Carlo is probably my favorite bar.

27 June, 2006

The Independent

The Independent map - Tagzania

Despite being only a few years old, The Independent has become a mainstay of Uptown drinking and dining life. Good beer, great bistro food, plenty of people watching, occasional live DJs, and extended happy hours all contribute to this great Uptown venue.

Final analysis - Great for parties, hanging out with friends, or just people watching.

14 November, 2005


After seeing a movie at the Lagoon, we decided we try out Drink. This current iteration of suburban sprawl in Uptown (after Pickled Parrot and Bilimbi Bay failed) doesn't have anything more to contribute, in my opinion.

Final analysis - OK for happy hour, I'd guess, but otherwise don't bother, unless you want to go to a suburban venue in the midst of Uptown.

09 November, 2005

Let the reviews begin...

Welcome to Twin Cities Bar Review, where we review bars across the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

I'm starting close to home with a nice bar called Lucia's. As a frequent visitor to the Wine Bar section of this restaurant/bar/bakery, it has become my local for evening snacks and cheap but quality beer. At $3.00 a pint, I believe that it is the cheapest beer in Uptown, and there's no need to wait until 10:00 for a happy hour.

There are only three taps, but the selection is good. Guiness always seems to be available and the two others change at the behest of the gifted bartender. The wine selection is also not overly extensive, but I would say complete enough for any intermediate wine drinker to find something tasty.

The menu is one of the most enlightened in the Twin Cities. Bar snack offerings of rosemay nuts, assorted olives, French sausage and fruit top the "Little Bites" menu. Other offerings include salads, pizzas, and pasta. The most significant aspect of the menu is that the chefs use organic ingredients whenever possible, if not always.

Lastly, the ambience is one of a local neighborhood bistro and the servers are always very friendly and helpful with suggetions.

Mark Lucia's down as one place not to miss when in Uptown Minneapolis

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